Method teacher

“Suit the action to the word, the word to action”
Hamlet, advise to the players


Lee Strasberg and "The Method" have brought great acting to the US and to the western world. The Method is based on "The System", developed by Stanislavski and his students and founders of the Moscow Art Theatre Maria Ouspenskaya and Richard Boleslavsky. It brings a truth to the players and allows a human psycho-physiological-physical improvisation of the play/text.

The Method 

  • Relaxation
    Knowing your instrument (body) is key in acting. How are my body parts behaving in certain situations?
    How can I control them and still be truthful to my character and the scene?
    How can I eliminate tensions and blockage?
    The relaxation exercise is very precise way to explore and tune your instrument.

  • Sense & Affective Memory
    Developing the the memory of physical actions and sensations of the instrument

  • Training & Drill
    Finding the truth in everyday behaviour. Practising physical and psychological actions will create a truth and will make the player aware of her/his behaviour on stage or in front of the camera.

Acting the Play/Text

  • Finding the Character
    "If you speak or do anything mechanically without fully realising
    - who you are
    - where you come from
    - why and what do you want here you are going
    - what you will do when you get there
    you will be acting without imagination" - Konstantin Stanislavski

  • Actions
    Analysing and understanding the play/text. Finding the circumstances, defining geoals and doable actions for the actor so she/he can be alive in a truthful improvisation of the play/text.

The classes can be taught in German or English

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